2012-06-15, 00:00
“Before my older daughter was adjusted, she would not nurse. Getting her adjusted by Dr. Gina, changed both of our lives. Dr. Gina is very gentle and she has helped my girls be illness free.”
2011-11-05, 23:00
“I suggest to friends to find a good chiropractor–my favorite for best care is Back In Motion”
2011-10-30, 23:00
“My overall health is better because of chiropractic adjustments 1-2 times per month. Dr. Mike, Dr. Gina and their staff is great!”
2010-08-15, 00:00
“Chiropractic at Back In Motion has changed my life–It has been my only relief with my jaw pain after the surgery did not help–it has been a lifesaver.”
2009-03-19, 23:00
‘Iam able to continue to jog, play basketball and workout with my kids without suffering afterwards. By coming to Back In Motion, I have become pain free. If you have back pains, you must give Back in Motion a try.
2009-01-31, 23:00
“My posture has improved so walking and just generally moving around is a lot easier. It makes a world of difference. The guys here at Back In Motion are GREAT! I personally would not dream of going to another office!”
2008-12-15, 23:00
“I use to live on Advil–now never have to take anti-inflammatories. If I injure a muscle, I come in immediately and get adjusted. Coming here to Back in Motion has changed my life for the better–I highly recommend Gina and Mike to my friends! Thanks Back In Motion!”
2007-11-20, 23:00
I have had a wonderful experience at Back In Motion Chiropractic. The staff has always been helpful and accommodating.
2007-11-19, 23:00
Dr. Gina is fantastic and on the few occasions I have seen Dr. Mike for treatment, he is also terrific. The support staff–particular Jenny–couldn’t be better!
2007-11-05, 23:00
Professional and very caring
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