Superficial Moist Heat

Treatment Modalities

Superficial Moist Heat
What is Superficial Moist Heat? Superficial Heat Therapy
Heating pads, hot packs, hot water bottles, infrared lamps and warm moist towels are frequently used to raise the temperature of the soft tissues directly below the skin.

How does Superficial Moist Heat work?
When heat is applied to the surface of the skin, the blood vessels below the surface dilate and relax the tissues. This temporarily relieves painful symptoms, increasing circulation and relaxing muscles. This can be helpful before and after treatments and exercises.

When should Superficial Moist Heat be used?
Heat is generally recommended to relax tissues that are spasming and to relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain and muscle tightness.

Why is Superficial Moist Heat used?
Using heat to relax muscles that are in spasm or irritated. It is an easy way to promote circulation, increase flexibility and improve range of motion.

What are the benefits of Superficial Moist Heat?
The benefits of using Superficial Moist Heat include: increased circulation, reduced joint stiffness, and muscle relaxation. It is also inexpensive, widely available and can be self-administered by the patient.