Stability Ball Exercises

Increase flexibility, improve coordination and develop strength. Unleash your potential and control back pain.

  • Stretch slowly and breathe normally
  • Hold each stretch for at least 5-10 seconds
  • Perform 3-10 repetitions of each exercise
  • If you experience dizziness or pain (other than stretching of tight muscles) seek professional evaluation


Kneel behind ball. Rest trunk over ball and put hands under shoulders. Toes dig into floor. Let ball roll as arms and legs straighten. Extend backwards as far as you can comfortably. Press hips into ball while squeezing buttocks and tightening abdominals. Slowly lower to start position.

Progression: Lift one leg up off floor, balance, and return foot to floor. Alternate leg. Repeat.


Seated – Base Position

Sit upright and centered on the ball.

Side to side hip roll: keeping shoulders level, use hips and roll ball gently from side to side as far as possible.

Front and Back hip roll: keeping feet planted on the floor allow the lower spine to curve and arch as the ball rolls forward and backward.

Circular hip roll: keeping shoulders level and feet planted, use hips to move the ball in a circle. Allow lower spine to move as much as possible. Rest. Reverse directions.


Supine Hip Extension

Lie on back. Place calves on ball and hands on floor at side. Press arms into floor and left buttocks up until body is in a straight line. Pause at the top of the movement then slowly return to start position.