Treatment Modalities

What is Diathermy? Diathermy
Diathermy is a form of shortwave elector-magnetic energy. It is used to raise the temperature of soft tissues below the skin’s surface.

How does Diathermy work?
The Diathermy energy field passes through softer surface tissues and turns to heat when reaching more dense tissues. The heat increases circulation and helps to speed the healing process.

What does Diathermy feel like?
The treated area should feel pleasantly warm. If the area becomes uncomfortably warm or if you feel pressure, notify the therapist or doctor immediately.

Why is Diathermy used?
It helps increase range of motion and decrease muscle spasm by relaxing muscles and connective tissues.

What are the benefits of Diathermy?
Diathermy dilates the blood vessels, thus improving circulation and increasing metabolism and waste removal. It stimulates white blood cell production and helps to prevent adhesions and scar tissue. Overall, Diathermy helps to speed the healing process.

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